Other Services

At Blackhawk Investigations we also perform the following services:

Skip Tracing

We’ll find them when they think they’ve gotten away.

Site Surveys

Let us show you how to make your home or business safer from criminals.

Process Service

Ensure that they are there to answer to you at your day in court.

Internal Theft

Is employee theft or dishonesty cutting into your profits? Let us find out.

Surveillance/GPS Tracking

Not 100% sure yet? Let us find out if their conduct merits moving to a full investigation.

Records Searches

We know where and how to look for the information you need.

Witness Statements

Our expertise in interviewing techniques enables us to ascertain critical facts.

Theft and Recovery

If you’ve had a precious family heirloom or treasured personal item stolen, we know where to look.

Event Security

We’ll make sure your Black Tie event remains free of unwanted intrusions from outside elements.