• Record Searches

    We know where and how to look for the information you need.

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    Record Searches
  • Event Security

    We’ll make sure your Black Tie event remains free of unwanted intrusions from outside elements.

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    Event Security
  • Matrimonial Investigations

    When your world seems about to collapse due to the heartbreak caused by a spouse’s infidelity you can count on us to provide a thorough investigation and provide you with the proof you need to move on with your life.

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    Matrimonial Investigations
  • Skip Tracing

    We’ll find them when they think they’ve gotten away.

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    Skip Tracing
  • Theft and Recovery

    If you’ve had a precious family heirloom or treasured personal item stolen, we know where to look.

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    Theft and Recovery
  • Nanny Monitoring

    How can you be sure of how your most precious possession is being treated? Every day brings another horrifying story of a child’s mistreatment at the hands of one to whom his or her safety and well being are entrusted to.

    Let us supply you with the peace of mind of knowing that your child is in good hands at all times, both inside and outside of the care location.

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    Nanny Monitoring
  • Adolescent Tracking

    If your teenager’s behavior is starting to worry you and you have nowhere else to turn, let us find out if your concerns are unfounded or if an immediate intervention is required.

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    Adolescent Tracking

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Licensed In New York

Our team of investigators are highly-qualified professionals, licensed in the state of New York, with over 20 plus years of experience in both law enforcement and the investigative field.

No Job Too Small

Our company provides a wide range of investigative services. If you require service for something not listed, contact us for a no obligation consultation to see if we can help.

We Respect Your Privacy

We guarantee that our investigators will perform all investigations in a discreet and confidential manner and will work tirelessly to maintain the integrity of your case through to it’s conclusion.